IUD Removal Urgent Care Walk in Clinic Orlando 32819

Dr. Jain at Urgent care in Dr. phillips removes an IUD of a patient who is 35 year old.

A 35 year old patient came to the urgent care clinic to get her IUD removed because she was having some problems because she had hormonal IUD Mirena that releases levonorgestrel, which is a form of the hormone progestin. The patient was examined by Dr. Jain and IUD was taken out and the patient as very happy because she did not have to wait for an appointment with the gynecologist.


Mirena IUD Hormonal





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Medical Clearance, EKG, X-ray and Blood Work

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical director of a walk in clinic in Orlando and has been there for 35 years. The contact no. is 407 876-5555.

Dr. Usha Jain’s clinic is able to do blood work, ekg and chest xray in one visit and all can be done at the medical center.

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Qtip Cotton in the ear Walk in Clinic Orlando


The patient came in the walk in clinic with qtip cotton stuck in the ear. Dr. Usha Jain is an exert in emegency care and also anti-aging examined the patient and used a special forcept and magnifying glass to gently picked the cotton and pullled out the piece of the cotton from the ear. The patient felt instantly unplugged and felt better. Before coming to the clinic, the patient tried to take that out himself but he pushed it further and it was difficult to get that out.

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Physical Exam for Embassy of Saudi Arabia

The walk in medical clinic can do the physical exam for an embassy. The exam would include, blood tests, chest x-ray malaria parasite and also stool ova and parasites. The physical exam for embassy can be done all at one place.

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Any Lab Test in Orlando at Walk in Clinic 32819 34786

Any blood test or any lab test can be done in Orlando at the Walk in Clinic at 4800 S. Apopka-Vineland Rd in Dr. Phillips and Windermere. Contact no is 407 876-5555. Hours open are Monday to Friday 9:30 to 6 pm and Saturday 11 to 1 pm and Sunday 12-1 pm.

Any lab tests can be doen by drawing blood which can be done at our medical center at a very reasonable price and we take cash payment. Any lab tests are made easy by the experienced doctor in our clinic. The clinic is there for 35 years and our doctor is very experienced. Dr. Jain has three specialities and can tke of all the medical needs

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Medical Clinic Accepts Cash Pay Patients Orlando Windermere 32819 34786

The medical clinic in Orlando and Windermere accepts cash pay patient. Contact number is 407 876-5555. Our clinic is closest  to zip codes 32819 and 34786.

Dr. Jain, director of the clinic is an expert physician and specialized urgent care  and also anti-aging medicine. This is a walk in clinic and no appointment is needed. Clinic is open from 10 am to 6 pm. You are seen by the medical doctor and not the nurse practitioner or PA.

Dr. Jain integrates natural remedies with traditional medicine. Dr. Jain has been serving the community of Dr. Phillips in Orlando and Windermere for 35 years. Dr. Jain ihad worked in emergency room of Orlando Health as trauma physician for five years. Dr. Jain got board certified in emergency medicine in 1985. The cash pay patients are welcome in the medical clinic of Orlando and Windermere. Clinic serves Windermere, Ocoee, Wintergarden, Lake Buena Vista.

The clinic is equipped with x-ray and EKG. The blood tests can be performed in the clinic and the patients do not have to go to Quest or Labcorp.

The cuts can be fixed in our clinic.

Dr. Jain repaired the cut of the patient and charged $250 dollars which is minimum to repair the cut. The patient was very happy to pay because the charges would be quite more in the emergency room. The patient did not have to wait for the repair of his cut. Sutures could be removed at a very minimum charge in seven to ten days.

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Bad Cut and Crush Injury of Finger Dr. Jain Walk in Clinic

Dr. Jain is an expert in fixing the minor injuries in an outpatient basis and you can avoid the emergency visit.

A patient was seen for the crush injury of the finger from heavy wood log. The finger and the nail were displaced and finger looked terrible.

Dr. Jain saw the patient and ordered the x ray which showed the communitted fracture of the finger.

Dr. Jain cleaned the finger and did a finger nerve block to anesthetize the finger. Then the finger was sutured and almost reconstructive surgery was done. The patient was given the injection of an antibiotic and antibiotics orally.

crush injury of the Finger


Look at the nail and finger after reconstructing the horrible cut and crush of the finger.


























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EKG Medical Clearance Physical Walk in Clinic Orlando

EKG for medical clearnace at the walk in clinic Orlando. Cardiogram or electrocardiogram which may be required to do the pre-surgical clearance. Surgery clearance for plastic surgeon in Miami can be done in Orlando within a month before the surgery. Dr. Jain can do the medical clearance, blood tests, chest x-ray and EKG, all in one visit. The papers can be given to you in one to two days.

EKG is a tracing of the heart and is done by putting the electrodes on the chest and connecting with the wires. It takes five minutes for doing the EKG.

EKG,cardiogram,electrocardiogram,pre-surgical clearance,Surgery clearance,plastic surgeon in Miami,Orlando.Dr. Jain,medical clearance,blood tests,chest x-ray,EKG,


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Tick Bite Rash Dr. Jain Walk in Medical Clinic Orlando

A 58 yeas old lady was seen at the walk in medical center in orlando for tick bite and rash. The patient was visiting Orlando from North Carolina and found tick and rash. The rash was a patch about 1 by 2 inches in length on the breast which was itchy and spreading. Dr. Usha Jain examined the patient and looked at the picture of the tick which was provided by the patient. The patient was very diligent in taking pictures of the Tick and also of the rash on her breast.

The patient was diagnosed to have dermatitis secondary to the Tick bite and was treated with Doxycycline to prevent any illness which could be connected to tick which may be Lyme disease or Rockey Mountain spotted fever.

Proper prevention is very important after a tick bite. Dr. Jain had worked in the emergency room and is very familiar with tick bite and diseases secondary to tick bite. Prevention is a key.


Tick Bite Recognition

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Pain & Swelling of the Toe Gout Walk in Clinic Dr. Jain Orlando

Dr. Usha Jain is our medical director and our contact no is 407 876-5555.

The hours open are 9:30 to 6 pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 11 am to 1 pm and Sunday 12 pm to 1 pm.

Dr. Jain saw a patient with the complaint of pain in the great toe for two days and not able to walk. The toe is red and swollen and the patient is unable to walk without pain.The patient had plans to travel and was very difficult to even walk.

Swelling of the Foot from Gout










The patient has a similar episode three months ago on the other foot and was diagnosed with gout.

Dr. Jain drew blood which also included the tests for uric acid.

The patient had X rays of the foot which was normal.

The patient was diagnosed with gout which was triggered by the injury to the foot. The patient was treated with the injection of Dexamethasone and anti-inflammatory drugs. The patient was given Colchicine and also anti-inflammatory drugs.

Gout causes pain which is due to inflammation caused by the crystal of the uric acid in the joint. Crystals of uric acid gets accumulated in the joint when the uric acid level is high. The crystals can accumulate in the joint specially in the big toe, feet, ankles, wrists, knees or elbows. The crystals are the cause of infalmmation as they are very sharp and irritate the joint. The irritation causes the inflammatory response by the white blood cells to the affected joint in order to fix the problem but actually the inflammation gets worse because the white cells get affected by the sharp URIC ACID CRYSTALS.



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EKG For Medical Clearance for Surgery Walk in Clinic Orlando

Dr. Jain is a director for a walk in clinic in Orlando Florida and can provide the medical clearance and surgical clearnce for surgery and also for plastic surgery.

Our contact no. is 407 876-5555 and hours open are Monday to Friday 9:30 to 6 pm and Saturday 11 to 1 pm and Sunday 12 to 1 pm.

The EKG can be done on the same day and copy can be given at the same time to you or your doctor. Our doctor can do surgical clearance for your surgery.

Blood tests are required for the medical clearnce which also can be done at our medical center along with EKG.

We can take the credit card or cash for the payment.

All of these can be done without nay stress for you. EKG takes five minutes and does not involve any needles.  Blood tests are done without hurting you as our doctor is expert in drawing blood.


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