IUD Removal Urgent Care Walk in Clinic Orlando 32819

Dr. Jain at Urgent care in Dr. phillips removes an IUD of a patient who is 35 year old.

A 35 year old patient came to the urgent care clinic to get her IUD removed because she was having some problems because she had hormonal IUD Mirena that releases levonorgestrel, which is a form of the hormone progestin. The patient was examined by Dr. Jain and IUD was taken out and the patient as very happy because she did not have to wait for an appointment with the gynecologist.


Mirena IUD Hormonal





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Lump or Growth Cancer of the Skin Surgical Removal by Dr. Jain at Walk in Medical Clinic

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical director of walk in clinic in Orlando. Dr. Jain is an expert in taking care of illnesses but also preventing the aging process by taking good care of yourself is very important. Dr. Jain took care of the Lump/Growth of the Cancer of the Skin Surgical Removal by Dr. Jain at Walk in Medical Clinic in Orlando.

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Coronavirus Walking Medical Clinic Orlando 32819, 32836

During this time of national emergency by coronavirus, Dr. Jain who is a medical director at Emergi-Care Medical Center, is taking care of the patient with appointment only. The phone number to call is 407 876-5555 and make an appointment. You are established patient then you can get an appointment for your refill on your medicine. We are working with the guidelines set forth by the CDC, President Trump, Governor DeSantis and also Mayor Demings of Orlando.

At present, if you are sick and want to have coronavirus test done, we are not dong that. If you are sick then you should go to the clinics which are offering coronavirus test.

Remember, safety is the most important during coronavirus pandemic where people are dying. Please be safe and to avoid from boring look at your pictures from the past and organize those pictures and movies etc. This is the time to dress up take your pictures in free time and enjoy your free time by cherishing the memories.

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Coronavirus Walk in Medical Clinic 32819

Dr. Usha Jain who is a medical director of the emergicare medical center for 35 years advises all the patients to stay home. The risk of coronavirus high in the patients who are older than 65 years old. By boosting your immune system, you can avoid the disease. Treat regular cold and infection right away so you do not have to go to the hospital where there is a high risk to contract the disease.

To help patients, Dr. Jain is going to see patients by the appointments only due to safety reasons. Please call 407 876-5555 to make an appointment.

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Walk in Medical Clinic Dr. Usha Jain and Coronavirus 32819

Dr. Jain is a medical director of Walk in Medical Clinic, Emergi-Care Medical Center advises to follow the Governor’s Executive Order “MANDATORY STAY HOME” to prevent spread of deadly coronavirus. Every citizen should respect those orders in Governor’s effort to save lives. Any one who does not respect those orders are responsible for endangering lives of people and should be reported to higher authority.

During this pandemic emergency, Dr. Jain is closing their emergency center till the Stay Home Order is lifted. The only patients who has been to the clinic and have injuries of any kind can be seen by an appointment by calling 407 876-5555.

Dr. Usha Jain amid Corona Virus
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Corona Virus Walk in Clinic Orlando Dr. Jain

Dr. Jain who is a medical director at walk in medical clinic in Orlando advises patients to protect against Corona virus by boosting the immunity by taking antioxidants in the IV form. IV vitamins can help you boost your immunity and protect you against the illnesses specially deadly Corona virus. Dr. Jain has given an I V vitamin drip to a proactive patient who was going out of town and wanted her immune system to be boosted. This is a easy way to protect you along with other precautions of washing of the hands and also staying away from the people who are coughing.

The patients who are infected with Corona Virus can have high fever, cough and shortness of breath. Immediate medical care is the mainstay of any high fever and cough.

Dr. Usha Jain
Dr. Usha Jain…Protect from Corona by Boosting Immunity

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Medical Clearance EKG Walk in Clinic Orlando 32819, 34786

The emergicare Walk in Clinic can do chest xray, ekg, blood test, urine test in one visit for your medical clearance. It is located in Southwest of Orlando and has been serving the community for 35 years. Our medical director Dr. Usha Jain can do the medical clearnce all in one visit. We will do blood tests, EKG. Urine tests and chest x ray if required. We can give the clearance as early as next day. All these can be done without stress.

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Palm Needle Stuck Walk in Medical Clinic Orlando 32819

The palm needle can get in your tissues and cause damage and are difficult to take it out. When the palm needle goes in, all you can see is the dot on the skin. If you try to pull out it will break at the deeper level and it can be even more difficult. These needs to be taken out by the doctor who is skilled in doing those sorts of emergencies. Dr. Jain has been board certified in emergency medicine and worked at Orlando Health in the emergency room for five years before she started with her own medical center to deal with emergencies as well as regular care. The picture shows how long was the needle and how long was the palm needle and it was embedded in the tissues.

Palm Needle
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Medical Clearance for Plastic Surgery Walk in Clinic Orlando

Dr. Usha Jain who is a medical director of walk in clinic in Orlando can do the medical clearance for plastic surgery which is done in Orlando or Miami. Dr. Jain has done many physicals for the patients who are getting surgery in Miami and everything can be done in the office which includes blood tests, chest xray and EKG. No stress for looking for blood test somewhere and ekg somewhere.

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FLU Influenza Walk in Medical Center Orlando

Dr Usha Jain who is the medical director of the walk in clinic in Orlando has seen many pateints with Flu. Recently, Dr. Jain has seen a family from Brazil where all four family members were sick with high fever and were dehydrated from very high fever. Dr. Jain did the flu test and also chest xray and blood tests for pneumonia. The chest x ray was normal and the patient’s flu test was positive for influenza B. The patient was given IV fluids and also antiflu medicine. The whole family responded well in 24 hours. The flu test looks like this.

FLU Test Influenza B.
Influenza A
Influenza A

patients were Flu infection is a serious illness and if not properly diagnosed and treated then it lead to complications. Flu is diagnosed with a flu test in which the test is done through nose by a nasal swab and that does not hurt. Flu or influenza can be of two kinds Type A and type B. Treatment of both kinds of flu is by specific antiviral medications. The flu virus is in your bronchial tubes and the medicine which is directed to your bronchial tube and lungs should be the great medicine. If you get diagnosed with flu or influenza then your doctor should prescribe the antiviral medicine and you can get better right away. Thera flu is not a medicine for flu. It is just a medicine to help cold so if you have flu then do not think that thera flu is going to treat your flu. Specific medication for flu is Tamiflu and Relenza and you require those medicine just like you would need the antibiotics for the bacterial viral infections. The above test shows the top pink line is for the control and it would be always there. The second pink line is next to what it says B and means the test is positive for influenza B. Both of these tests are positive for Influenza B

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Gift of Health at Dr. Jain Urgetn Care Walk in Clinic

This Christmas, give a gift of health to yourself and also give a gift of life by taking out animal protein which is bad for your arteries. The animal protein clogs the arteries and plant proteins cleans the arteries. Chose it your self what is good for you. Also create a memories this holiday season which you can cherish in coming years.

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