Pain & Swelling of the Toe Gout Walk in Clinic Dr. Jain Orlando

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Dr. Jain saw a patient with the complaint of pain in the great toe for two days and not able to walk. The toe is red and swollen and the patient is unable to walk without pain.The patient had plans to travel and was very difficult to even walk.

Swelling of the Foot from Gout










The patient has a similar episode three months ago on the other foot and was diagnosed with gout.

Dr. Jain drew blood which also included the tests for uric acid.

The patient had X rays of the foot which was normal.

The patient was diagnosed with gout which was triggered by the injury to the foot. The patient was treated with the injection of Dexamethasone and anti-inflammatory drugs. The patient was given Colchicine and also anti-inflammatory drugs.

Gout causes pain which is due to inflammation caused by the crystal of the uric acid in the joint. Crystals of uric acid gets accumulated in the joint when the uric acid level is high. The crystals can accumulate in the joint specially in the big toe, feet, ankles, wrists, knees or elbows. The crystals are the cause of infalmmation as they are very sharp and irritate the joint. The irritation causes the inflammatory response by the white blood cells to the affected joint in order to fix the problem but actually the inflammation gets worse because the white cells get affected by the sharp URIC ACID CRYSTALS.



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