Tick Bite Rash Dr. Jain Walk in Medical Clinic Orlando

A 58 yeas old lady was seen at the walk in medical center in orlando for tick bite and rash. The patient was visiting Orlando from North Carolina and found tick and rash. The rash was a patch about 1 by 2 inches in length on the breast which was itchy and spreading. Dr. Usha Jain examined the patient and looked at the picture of the tick which was provided by the patient. The patient was very diligent in taking pictures of the Tick and also of the rash on her breast.

The patient was diagnosed to have dermatitis secondary to the Tick bite and was treated with Doxycycline to prevent any illness which could be connected to tick which may be Lyme disease or Rockey Mountain spotted fever.

Proper prevention is very important after a tick bite. Dr. Jain had worked in the emergency room and is very familiar with tick bite and diseases secondary to tick bite. Prevention is a key.


Tick Bite Recognition

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