Walk-In Urgent Medical Clinic for Orlando and Windermere

Walk-In Urgent Medical Clinic for Orlando and Windermere

Board certified doctor in Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics.  
Our Contact number is 407 876-5555.
Dr. Jain is board certified by American board of medicine and Pediatrics and is experienced in taking care of all urgent and routine medical needs.
Dr. Jain also specializes in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Jain had done her continuing education either by giving lectures to the doctors or attending the lectures. 

Leadership role: Running for Governor/House of Representative of Florida to prevent wrongdoings and to help in changing  the legislation to help  the working citizens.

Dr. Jain’s determination is to do the campaign without the contribution and that way Dr. Jain would not have to do any favors to anyone.

Dr. Jain is qualified to go on the ballot only through petitions. Dr. Jain submitted almost 2000 petitions and got approved 1240 required to qualify for the ballot.

Dr. Jain is also running for the Governor of 2018 and If you want to do petition for Dr. Jain then please click on link below fill out the petition and drop in to Dr. Jain’s office

. Original signatures are required:



Convenient Hours:

  • Mon-Fri 9:30 am to 6 pm
  • Sat 11 am to 1 pm
  • Sun 12 pm to 1 pm
We are the closest clinic serving the following zip code areas:
  • 32819
  • 32811
  • 32821
  • 32835
  • 32836
Also serving the zip codes
Our services include: Urgent Medical Care, Minor Emergency Care and Routine Medical Needs. Our doctor also specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine and Bioidentical Hormones.
Contact us for any of your medical and emergency needs.
We are here to serve you for all your Emergency/Urgent Care and general medical needs, specially when you are unable to see your doctor or it is convenient to see the doctor here. We are staffed with medical doctor versus nurse practitioners and physician assistant. Dr. Jain is an expert, affordable and best doctor in Orlando.
We take care of wide variety of medical problems anywhere from cough, the flu, and strep throat to cuts, injuries and physicals for school, employment and cruise lines. We provide quality care for many medical conditions such as:
Open on Memorial Day, Labor day
Anti-Aging Center
Cigna Insurance

Proactive Dr. Jain and Amanda Ober

Illegal Activities by Amanda Ober

Convenient Hours: 

  • Mon-Fri 9:30 am to 6 pm
  • Sat 10:30 am to 1 pm
  • Sun 12 pm to 1 pm

Dr. Usha Jain's Walk-in Emergency Medical Clinic

Usha Jain, M.D.
Medical Director
Board certified in Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Usha Jain is the director of Emergicare Medical Center and has been proudly serving the community for many years. She is board certified in Emergency medicine, Pediatrics and Anti-Aging and Regenarative medicine.

15 Responses to Walk-In Urgent Medical Clinic for Orlando and Windermere

  1. Clare Durante says:

    I highly recommend Dr. Jain. She is personally involved in every step of your care. You are not going to be shoved off to a PA or a nurse – you will see Dr. Jain. She has helped me throufh several emergency visits . I found her on New Years Day many years ago when I was very ill with bronchitis. All the clinics I knew about were closed and because my husband was sick, I could not go to the emergency room and wait 6 hours. . I am so grateful to have found her clinic. It is in such a convenient location, and she is fully set up to do everything right there. She took xrays, gave me a shot and treatments so I could go back and care for my husband who had been in an accident. We are lucky to have her here in Dr. Phillips!

  2. lucy calhoun says:

    I am Lucy Calhoun and I want all of you to know that Dr. Jain has been my doctor for past 10 years. I am so grateful for the love and care, she has given me during those years. Dr. Jain is “people person” and that shows through in her practice of medicine..Dr. Jain is very diligent in diagnosing by doing test and finding the problems. Early findings and preventing the problems is her goal.. She has been in the same location for 31 years and Southwest Orlando is fortunate to have her as a true blessing to the community.

  3. Ken Townsley says:

    Dr Jain,

    You need to add Windermere Zip code 34786 to your web site. Its actually the closest Post Zip to your location.

  4. Dieuner Decopin says:

    I know Dr. Usha Jain for several months. I bring my whole family here.She specializes in emergency medicine and also Pediatrics. Dr. Jain is convenient and has all the facilities like blood tests, x-ray and EKG. I can walk in without an appointment and be treated right away. Dr. Jain is thorough and found deficiencies of the vitamins for me and that would help me with the diabetes.Dr. Jain always take the time to listen to me and my family and treats my condition with medicine and also natural medicine. Dr. Jain also specializes in anti-aging medicine. I recommend her because she can see me without an appointment, thorough and treats with natural and traditional medicine.

  5. Narendersingh Doerga says:

    I am Narendersingh Doerga from Holland. My family and I so grateful to Dr. Jain who made my wife better without being admitted to the hospital in 2016. We came to visit Orlando again this week and brought a token of our gratitude to Dr. Jain from Holland
    I visited Orlando in February 2016. My wife Rajwatie was sick at the time of our visit to Orlando. She was horribly sick with vomiting, diarrhea and lost lot of weight. We called 911 and got the ambulance. My wife was scared to go to the hospital and did not want to be admitted. She refused to go to the hospital. We have seen an emergency clinic with the name of Dr. Usha Jain. We thought Dr. Jain might be good because we are from Holland and my wife did not speak perfect English.
    I was so scared because I thought my wife may not make it. We came to Dr. Jain and my wife felt comfortable with Dr. Usha Jain. Dr. Jain immediately told us that do not get scared as she will take good care of her. My wife was so weak and was unable to sit. Dr. Jain immediately did the blood tests, x-ray and gave her the IV infusion for her dehydration. My wife was there for few hours and she got better and was able to walk.
    We were so lucky to find Dr. Usha Jain who happened to be an expert in treating emergencies.

  6. Kal otiki says:

    Dr Jain is really awesome!Its been very difficult to get my vein for bloodwork,I developed anxiety any time l have bloodwork but Dr Jain gets my vein at the first try and now I am free from any anxiety for bloodwork.THANK YOU DR JAIN

  7. patricia burgess says:

    Dr. Usha Jain is the greatest doctor I have ever had. She listens to you and do the tests to daignose the problem. She also explains you. I tell all of my friends to go to Doctor Jain.

  8. Tabatha says:

    Dr. Jain was very kind and helpful when I went to get my blood tested. I was scared at first but then I did not feel it. Thank you Dr. Jain for not hurting me.

  9. Stewart Peet says:

    I want to personally thank Dr. Jain for her kind and thoughtful care over the many years my wife and I have known her and used her services as our primary care physician. She gives us the time needed to express our concerns and is never too busy to see us immediately if the situation warrants. We started seeing Dr. Jain back in the early 1990’s when we first moved to Windermere and feel so fortunate to have found such a caring and personable doctor.

  10. Stewart Peet says:

    I have known Dr Jain and used her as primary care physician since moving to Windermere in the the early 1990’s. My wife and I both feel so fortunate to have found such a personable, compassionate, and knowledgeable doctor. She always is able to see us on short notice and address our concerns. We consider Dr Jain a wonderfully talented primary care physician and friend.

  11. I have known Dr Jain and used her as primary care physician since moving to Windermere in the the early 1990’s. My wife and I both feel so fortunate to have found such a personable, compassionate, and knowledgeable doctor. She always is able to see us on short notice and address our concerns. We not only consider Dr Jain as a wonderful primary care physician but also value her friendship.

    Stew Peet

  12. Juan M Lopez says:

    Hi Dr. Jain, thank you for treating my broken leg. My leg is feeling much better. I have been wearing a boot for the last 2 weeks. Im coming to visit soon. Also Mr. Jain mentioned needing help with the roof. I have people. Call me. 4079636182 Juan Lopez.

  13. nilda sorger says:

    Dr. Jain is my Doctor for a long time.She take care me so well and I’m so happy because she is my friend too. I know Dr. Jain more than 30 years. She let me know how my health is after the tests. I recommend Dr. Jain for all brasilians around. Thanks Dr. Jain.

  14. Janet Burch says:

    I have been to Dr. Jain for years. Excellent health care provider.
    I know Dr Jain, she takes good care of me.

  15. lo Res says:

    My family and friends love and respect the care of Dr. Jain in the community for almost 35 years. Dr. Jain is an excellent diagnostician. The diagnostic tests blood tests and x rays would be done in the office. One place for diagnosis and treatment.

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