Hormone Replacement: a Solution

 A 53-year-old female patient from Brazil recently came to my medical clinic who had not been feeling well. She felt jittery, shaky and could not sleep well. She had been seen by her regular doctor and was given antidepressants which was not helping.  She had lost her appetite and was losing weight. She felt nauseous and tired. She came with her daughter who was very concerned.  She has no reason to be depressed. The patient was given a full evaluation including lab work which indicated that she had hormone and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Patient was advised to stop taking the antidepressant and start hormone therapy. Patient was also given B12 injection. Patient was seen in a week for follow up.  She was feeling much better and her nausea and loss of appetite vanished. 

Hormone deficiency can cause all variety of symptoms.  Patients should be properly evaluated and diagnosed to give proper treatment and avoid unnecessary complications caused by strong medications such as antidepressants.

Thanks to hormonal treatment and proper diagnosis, the patient is now feeling “very fine” (in her own words) and so is her daughter…

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