Please feel free to leave a comment below describing your experience with Emergi-Care Medical Center in Orlando.

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  1. Catherine Gray says:

    Dr Jani has been treating me with bio-identical hormones for a while now. She is a wonderful caring doctor and has me feeling great.

  2. Wayne Larkin says:

    I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Jain a few months ago when I injured my lower back. The injury was causing major pain that was radiating from my lower back down the left side of my body and affecting the left knee area. There was so much pain that I could not put any pressure on the knee without crying. The pain at one point was so severe that I almost passed out. Her combination of medication, nutrition, rest and physical therapy had me up and moving 100 percent in approx 1 1/2 weeks. A few months have passed since my visit to Dr. Jain and I am still pain free and not on any type of medication. Thank you Dr. Jain for all of your knowledge and help. You are the best.

  3. Jeffrey Scott says:

    When you need medical help immediately look no further then the Walk-In Urgent Medical Clinic for Orlando and Windermere. Dr. Jain can seems to be able to treat whatever is bothering you with the greatest care. I have used this clinic for years and have all my medical conditions handled professionally and with positive results.

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