Risk of Coronavirus by Mailing in Post Office by Dr. Jain

Dr. Jain is an expert in taking care of emergencies and has been serving the community for 36 years. Dr. Jain’s experience started with her work in the emergency room in Chicago and later on in Orlando. At present Dr. Jain is the director of the Emergi-Care Medical Center.

Dr. Jain takes care of many patients with cold, cough and pneumonia.

Dr. Jain advises her patients to follow the CDC guidelines to decrease the exposure of COVID-19 especially during the stay-at-home order during the lockdown.

The increased risk to go to the post office to mail the papers of different weight could be very dangerous because the person has to stand in the line with the general public to get the calculation of the postage stamps according to the weight and touch myriads of surfaces which are not cleaned after the visit of each person.

If you are a self-representing citizen, then request for electronic filing through the CM/ECF system of the court and do not let the court give the advice to send the papers by mail. This advice would be in conflict with the CDC guidelines for the safety of the lives of the self-representing citizens. It is an abuse of discretion and bias of a judge against the pro se representation.

Federal Judge Mendoza has provided the same advice to mail the papers where you have to stand in the line to check the weight of the papers. This advice DOWNPLAYS the risk of exposure and is also against the CDC guidelines. Magistrate Leslie Hoffman and District Judge Mendoza have denied the electronic filing, which has zero exposure and risk free.

The other judges in the District courts in Florida, including Orlando have granted electronic filing freely to self-representing citizen even when COVID-19 was not there. Stand up for the Constitution of equal opportunity and equal protection under law

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