Anti-Aging Medicine

Our doctor specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine and Bio-Identical Hormones and is board certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Our doctor helps people by implementing hormonal balance and using sound nutritional principles which drastically reduce illnesses and slows the aging process.

We can help male patients with testosterone related deficiencies. Low testosterone can cause a multitude of health related problems affecting the brain (Alzheimer’s disease), the heart (heart attacks, strokes, hypertension), muscles and joints, and diabetes and depression. Low testosterone can cause mood swings,  If you feel you are getting angry for no reason please get your testosterone levels checked. Low testosterone can be the cause of low energy, weakness, day time sleepiness, etc.

 Our doctor has helped  many patients and is very experienced in treating testosterone deficiency. Testosterone deficiency needs to be treated with right kind  of therapy so you do not get side effects.

We can help the female patients by taking care of their hormone deficiencies estrogen, progesterone and testosterone deficiency.

Deficiencies of hormones like estrogen can cause hot flashes, sweating, insomnia. Patient can also get other symptoms like depression, palpitation, GI symptoms like bloating etc. and recurrent urinary infections. Correcting the deficiency can help the cells to be healthy and less chance of getting problems. Please contact us at our walk-in medical urgent care clinic in Orlando in the Dr. Phillips area. If you are having any menopausal symptoms or want to prevent any problems to occur from a hormone deficiency, feel free to call us 407 876-5555.

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