Back Pain-UTI at Urgent Care Orlando 32819

A 22 year old patient came  to the Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic with back pain on left side for 2 days. The patient also had cough and thought it was a pain from muscle pull. She took anti-inflammatory medicine for the back pain which helped her pain to some extent. The patient also had some frequency on urination. Dr. Usha Jain saw the patient and ordered blood tests and urine tests. The patient also had temperature of 102 degree. The patient had kidney infections and her back pain was from that rather than muscle. The patient was given an injection of an antibiotic followed by oral medication.

Kidney infection is a serious infection. It is an infection of the urine which settles in kidney and can cause fever. It needs to be treated aggressively with large dose of antibiotic for longer period of time.

The patient came next day for follow up and felt much better. The patient responded well to the antibiotic and his urine test was normal.

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