Corona Virus Walk in Clinic Orlando Dr. Jain

Dr. Jain who is a medical director at walk in medical clinic in Orlando advises patients to protect against Corona virus by boosting the immunity by taking antioxidants in the IV form. IV vitamins can help you boost your immunity and protect you against the illnesses specially deadly Corona virus. Dr. Jain has given an I V vitamin drip to a proactive patient who was going out of town and wanted her immune system to be boosted. This is a easy way to protect you along with other precautions of washing of the hands and also staying away from the people who are coughing.

The patients who are infected with Corona Virus can have high fever, cough and shortness of breath. Immediate medical care is the mainstay of any high fever and cough.

Dr. Usha Jain
Dr. Usha Jain…Protect from Corona by Boosting Immunity

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