Dislocation of Elbow Express Medical Care Orlando

DSC_0339web dislocation

Posterior dislocation of the elbow Dr. Usha Jain

A 55 year old patient came to the urgent care center with a pain in the elbow and possible dislocation of elbow. Dr. Jain examined the patient and felt that the patient has posterior dislocation of the elbow. X-ray was done and this is the x-ray which shows the posterior dislocation of the elbow and you can see the ulna is moved posterior. Dr. Jain examined the patient and checked the pulse, for the circulation and sensation and strength of the muscles distal to the injury. Three nerves run by the elbow. Each nerve has portions that help with strength and feeling. First check for strength by bending your wrist up as if you were saying “Stop” (radial nerve function), then spread your fingers apart (ulnar nerve function), then try to touch your thumb to your little finger (median nerve function). If you have trouble with any of these tests, go to the doctor immediately.

The patient was given the shot for pain and then after half an hour the elbow was reduced The patient felt much better instantly. The patient was given the ace bandage and the arm sling and referral to orthopedic doctor for further care.

Normal Elbow

Normal Elbow after the reduction of elbow

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