FLU Influenza Walk in Medical Center Orlando

Dr Usha Jain who is the medical director of the walk in clinic in Orlando has seen many pateints with Flu. Recently, Dr. Jain has seen a family from Brazil where all four family members were sick with high fever and were dehydrated from very high fever. Dr. Jain did the flu test and also chest xray and blood tests for pneumonia. The chest x ray was normal and the patient’s flu test was positive for influenza B. The patient was given IV fluids and also antiflu medicine. The whole family responded well in 24 hours. The flu test looks like this.

FLU Test Influenza B.
Influenza A
Influenza A

patients were Flu infection is a serious illness and if not properly diagnosed and treated then it lead to complications. Flu is diagnosed with a flu test in which the test is done through nose by a nasal swab and that does not hurt. Flu or influenza can be of two kinds Type A and type B. Treatment of both kinds of flu is by specific antiviral medications. The flu virus is in your bronchial tubes and the medicine which is directed to your bronchial tube and lungs should be the great medicine. If you get diagnosed with flu or influenza then your doctor should prescribe the antiviral medicine and you can get better right away. Thera flu is not a medicine for flu. It is just a medicine to help cold so if you have flu then do not think that thera flu is going to treat your flu. Specific medication for flu is Tamiflu and Relenza and you require those medicine just like you would need the antibiotics for the bacterial viral infections. The above test shows the top pink line is for the control and it would be always there. The second pink line is next to what it says B and means the test is positive for influenza B. Both of these tests are positive for Influenza B

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