Headache Natural Cure Dr. Usha Jain Walk in Clinic Orlando

Do you suffer from headache?Dr. Usha Jain is board certified in Emeergency Medicine and also Anti-Aging and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Jain has seen a patient 30 years old female who came with history of headache which is worse at the time of the period. The headache was not bad but bothered her enough to affect her work.

Dr. Jain examined the patient and ordered the lab work which included blood count, metablic panel, vitamin panel and hormone panel.

The patient was found to have severe vitamin D deficiency. The patient was treated by injection of vitamin D 50,000 IU followed by oral vitamin D 5, 000 units. The patient’s headache got better in 2 months.

The headache can be from variety of the reasons. The simplest way to check for the headache is to test for vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can cause variety of diseasses. Headache can be improved if you correct the vitamin deficiency.

Dr. Usha Jain integrates traditional medicine with natural medicine.

Click on the link below to learn all the benefits from vitamin D.



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