Investigation of Amanda Ober Illegal Activities & Wrong News

Dr. Usha Jain was working at her emergency clinic. Amanda Ober walked in the clinic with the person who she denied to identify. Dr. Usha Jain asked her what was her purpose to come to the emergency clinic. Amanda Ober wanted to take the interview of Dr. Jain regarding the Palace Hotel and Dr. Jain said this is the medical clinic and not the hotel.

Amanda insisted to take an interview of Dr. Jain and Dr. Jain about the Palace Hotel. Dr. Jain refused because Dr. Jain was working in the emergency center and moreover Dr. Jain was not the owner of the Hotel. Amanda left but then one of the patient of Dr. Jain told her that the car with the Wesh 2 channel news was parked outside Dr. Jain’s emergency clinic on the side walk. Dr. Jain was very upset abut she was parking on side walk of the clinic illegally.

Dr. Jain was very frustrated with Amanda Ober’s parking the car ILLEGALLY on SIDE WALK.

Amanda Ober recorded Dr. Jain illegally despite the fact that Dr. Jain refused to give the consent for recording.

Afterwards Amanda Ober gave the news about Dr. Jain which is totally wrong and is a form of slander.

Dr. Jain is very positive and tried to ignore the news which was totally wrong. Moreover Dr. Jain is not the owner and Amanda Ober did illegal acts and then gave the wrong news. Do not trust WESH 2 news and also do not trust Amanda Ober’s news.


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