Middle Ear Infections-Urgent Care Walk in Clinic Orlando 32819

Urgent Care Walk in Clinic is in Orlando serving Dr. Phillips area and sand lake area. Our doctor is board certified and an expert in minor emergencies as well as routine care.

We have seen a patient who is 45 year old with an earache for one day. The patient had minor cold then he started with a ear pain. Dr. Jain examined the patient and diagnosed that the patient has middle ear infection. The patient had blood tests ordered and rocephin injection was given to the patient followed by oral antibiotics Ceftin. The patient responded well to the treatment and the patient didn’t have any ear pain next day. The patient was advised to complete the course of the antibiotics and to return for follow up in 10 days.

The earache in adults should be treated aggressively because ear infections are not common in adults and also antibiotics don’t reach there easily because of the poor circulation of the ear drum. Another good reason to treat earache aggressively is that the ear drum is close to the brain and if not treated properly can lead to meningitis.

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