Nail Infection Finger/Walk in Medical Center Orlando 32819

Urgent Care Walk in Medical Clinic in Dr. Phillips area in Orlando is equipped to do all minor emergency and family medicine. Dr. Jain is an expert in this field and has been the founder and director of emergi-care medical center and she is board certified in many specialties, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics and also Anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

We have seen a 55 year old patient whose finger was hurting and throbbing after puling on the cuticle. The patient had swelling and redness and yellow discoloration of the nail margin around the nail. Dr. Jain saw the patient and diagnosed periungual abscess, also called paronychia which is the infection around the nail margin. Dr. Jain open the yellow area and drained the pus. The patient had instant relief of pain and throbbing. Dr. Jain did a culture of the pus and gave a shot of antibiotics to cover MRSA. The patient was also was given the antibiotic septra to cover the organisms MRSA. The patient did very well with the treatment.

Dr. Jain is an expert in minor surgery and has many years of experience.



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