Same Day Appointment at Urgent Care Clinic Orlando

At the Emergi-Care Medical Center, we are committed to giving the same-day appointment. We can do your medical clearance and immigration physical for any other urgent care needs. We do not accept insurance, only for the reason that the insurance company will dictate what you can and cannot do. For a proper diagnosis, the doctor should be in charge and not the insurance company. For proper treatment, you need a good diagnosis and fixing of the problem from the root and not just giving the medicine.

We will draw blood for all the lab tests here and you would not have to take time out to go to the lab and Dr. Jain would draw her own blood and she is skilled in drawing blood.

We can also do EKG and chest x ray here at our center.

It is a stress-free visit to the doctor and it would be enjoyable because Dr. Jain has good bedside manners and listens to you.

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