Tiredness Dizziness Anemia Dr. Usha Jain Walk in Clinic Orlando

Tiredness can be an indication of serious disease. Blood test can save a life and blood tests can help in making the diagnosis which is essential for the proper treatment.

Dr. Jain saw a patient who was treated for the bronchitis and sinusitis. The blood tests were done to check the infection. Surprisingly, the patient was found to have hemoglobin of 7 g/dL. which indicates serious anemia.
The patient was advised to come immediately for further blood test to check the cause of anemia. The test showed Iron deficiency anemia and was due to excessive bleeding during the period. The patient also had deficiency of vitamin D.
The patient received the Iron injection (Infed) and the patient did well. The patient also received vitamin D injection.
Tiredness could be from many reasons and one of the reasons is anemia. The hemoglobin carries the oxygen to the tissues and when there is low hemoglobin levels then the cells do not get the optimum oxygen which is required for the function of the cells.
Patient can get tiredness, dizziness, shortness of breath and serious issues like strokes and heart attacks if the person is having any other underlying conditions like diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease.


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