Anemia and Medical Clearance at Walk in Medical Clinic

Dr. Jain is a medical director and our phone number is 407 876-5555. Dr. Jain has done many physical clearance which involves blood tests, X-rays, EKG and physical exams. It is important that all the tests are done for the clearance to avoid the complications from surgery. One of the important test before surgery is to check for anemia by doing hemoglobin level which is a part of CBC. The hemoglobin carries the oxygen to cells of the body. The Hemoglobin level of at least 12 is desirable before surgery to avoid complications. The hemoglobin level can be low from bleeding excessively during the periods and it can be built by eating food high in Iron content and also by taking Iron supplements.

Dr. Jain has been doing medical clearance and advises to take the vitamins and iron supplements to get the best healing and outcome.

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