Anti-Aging Center Orlando High Blood Pressure Alternative Therapy

We have seen a 45 year old patient for fire fighter physical. The patient was examined by Dr. Jain and was found in good physical health except the blood pressure was 150/90. The blood tests and EKG were normal. The patient wants to take the medicine for blood pressure because his father has high blood pressure. Dr. Jain offered him to try to lower blood pressure by natural means. The patient was advised to do following life style changes:
Diet: -High in protein specially whey protein
-Decrease intake of fatty food and meat
-High intake of fruit and vegetables:
-Lycopene containing fruits like
pappaya, tomatoes, grape fruit and watermelon
-Celery, garlic
Exercise: 4 times a week
Vitamins: CoQ 10, magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Omega fatty acids, amino acid like l-arginine and l-taurine.

Pray: Patients can actually benefit from the prayers. Regardless of your religious standpoint, prayer reduces stress for those that believe.

The patient responded well after 4 weeks of life style changes and advise to reduce the stress. The patient didn’t have to be on medicine. Click here for more information


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