Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/Urgent Walk in Center Orlando FL

A 43 year old female patient was seen at Walk in Medical center for the complaints of pain, numbness and tingling of the fingers and thumb. The patient didn’t have any problems otherwise. The patient had worse symptoms at night time. The patient reported that there is no tingling in her little finger. The patient denied any other problems. The patient was examined by Dr. Usha Jain and was suspected to have carpal tunnel syndrome. The patient had blood drawn for thyroid tests and chemistry panel. Thyroid results revealed that the patient had TSH of 7.6 only and other thyroid tests were normal. The patient also had an X-ray of the wrist to rule out any tumor of the bone and was normal.

The patient was treated with anti-inflammatory medicine and treatment for  hypothyroidism with thyroid medicine synthroid and patient was given an option of thyroid replacement with natural thyroid hormone with aromur thyroid.

The patient responded well to the treatment and her symptoms improved in 6 weeks.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of the cause can cure the problem and in this case the patient improved with the right treatment and avoided unnecessary surgery.

Surgical option should be only for the patients when there is no reason found by doing the tests.

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