Biophotonic Scanner/ Anti-Oxidant Scanning

Urgent care Walk in Clinic serving Dr. Phillips and Windermere is offering antioxidant score. Anti-oxidant fights free radicals and keep your cells healthy which is the key for antiaging. Cells when they multiply they make exact copy of the original cell. Healthy cells multiply in to many healthy cells and unhelathy cells multiply in to many unhealthy cells. The free radicals which are produced from cell metabolism, they have one electron versus the healthy cells have two electrons. The free radical will try to steal another electron which is missing either from healthy cell or from antioxidant. If they steal from healthy cells then the healthy cells becomes unhealthy and it multiplies and make unhealthy cells. If your antioxidant level is good in your body then free radicals will get the electron from anti-oxidant molecule rather than from healthy cells.

Anti-oxidant score is high from Vitamins, eating fruit and vegetables, exercise, less stress and enough sleep.

Scan measures the anti-oxidant score and if you have high score then your cell will continue to be healthy but your score is low then your healthy cells have more chance of getting unhealthy and thereby aging. Antiaging is all about keeping your cells to be healthy.

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