Congestion Runny Nose Hay Fever Sinus Pain Urgent Care Walk in Clinic Orlando

We have seen a patient in our Urgent care medical center with the congestion of the sinuses, hay fever and runny nose for seven days. The patient had low grade temperature and have tried the home remedies but did not improve. Dr. Jain examined the patient and ordered CBC and comprehensive metabolic panel. The patient was given the injection of the antibiotic and he responded well.

Home remedies for cold is

1. Vitamin C which can be taken in a pill form and also can be taken from natural sources like lemon, oranges, strawberry,cabbage, tomatoes and peaches.

2.Garlic is a good antiseptic and can help protect the immune system against the common cold. It is a white cell stimulator and opens the respiratory passages.

3. Salt water gargle can help remove bacteria from the throat.

4. Ginger

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