Dizziness/Urgent Care/Walk in Clinic/Orlando/FL/Windermere

We have seen a patient who is 27 years old with the complaints of dizziness and not feeling well because of that for 2 months. The patient is involved in treating the patient with nutrition and using the holistic approach to help patients. The patient does not have any other complaints. Dr. Usha Jain examined the patient and ordered the panel of lab tests and EKG.

Blood was drawn for lab tests CBC, chemistry panel, thyroid and TSH. The patient also had the tests for iron, vitmain D, vitamin B12, folate and testosterone.

The the patient also complained of some ear fullness and the patient had some hard trempoline work out prior to dizziness. The patient was given antivert for dizziness while waiting for a follow up.

Follow up on next visit showed vitamin B 12 and vitamin D were low. The patient was given a shot of vitamin B 12 and was given vitamin D 5,000 units to be taken daily. The patient improved but continued to have dizziness and it was determined that his lightheadedness is related to concussion of the bones in the inner ear. The patient was given decadron injection and he responded well to the treatment

Immediate medical attention is needed if vertigo occurs suddenly with loss of function. Vertigo that occurs with loss of function in one area of the body can mean a problem in the brain, such as a stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA)

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