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Urgent Care in Orlando and Windermere takes care of acute and chronic pain of the joints. We have seen a patient who is 62 year old white male with the complaints of pain of the right hip for two weeks. The patient didn’t complaint of any associated fever and denied the injury. The patient was seen by Dr. Usha Jain. The patient had blood drawn for CBC, chemistry profile and test for SLE, rheumatoid arthritis. The patient was treated with anti-inflammatory (diclofenac) and rest. All the tests were normal and the patient was diagnosed with greater trochanter bursitis. The patient was treated with anti-inflammatory (diclofenac) and rest and the patient responded well to the treatment.
Arthritis: Inflammation of joints or arthritis is one of the major causes of hip pain while walking. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available for arthritis.

Hip Bone Fracture: Hip bone may get fractured due to accidents, osteoporosis or exerting strain on the hips frequently. The possibility of the latter increases in case of athletes, specially those who are long distance runners. The best way to avoid hip pain while walking due to stress fracture of hip bone is to stop the activity itself, that can be responsible for a negative impact like hip joint pain when walking.

Inflammation of Bursa: A direct fall on the sides of the hip, repetitive movements, prolonged or excessive pressure on the hip area, may lead to inflammation of the bursa, called trochanteric bursitis, over the hip joint’s side. This is another major cause of hip joint pain when walking.

Strain on the Muscles: The muscle and tendons around the hip and pelvis may get strained due to overstretching. Sports people are at a greater risk of developing muscle strain or muscle pull but also can happen while doing everyday work as well.

Tendonitis:Inflammation of tendons can occur from injury and repetitive strain on the tendons surrounding the hip joint. It can affect all parts of the body and can be disabiling when symptoms get in the way of daily activities. Tendonitis may produce moderate to severe pain in hip when walking.
Dislocation of the Hips: The hip joint may not develop properly, if the hips are dislocated or out of position in early stages of growth and development or infancy. This condition is called developmental dysplasia. It may not be painful during childhood, but may lead to arthritis, and thus hip pain.

Improper Blood Flow: Inadequate amount of blood flow to the area of bones is called osteonecrosis. The main causes of osteonecrosis are diabetes, steroid medications, alcohol use, injury. Chemotherapy and organ transplantation increase the risk of osteonecrosis. Hip joint is one of the most common places of osteonecrosis occurrence, and is another cause for hip joint pain when walking.

Hip joint is responsible for bearing body weight. Any disorder in the hip joint may affect your daily physical activity. If you are suffering from hip pain while walking, you should seek medical attention as early as possible to rule out the possibility of any further complications.

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