Dog Bite Infection Tetanus Antibiotics Walk in Clinic Orlando

A 37 year old patient was treated in the emergency walk in clinic in Windermere for the dog bite of the right leg. The patient was bit by the private dog of the celebrity while the patient was taking the video of the house for ABC news. The patient was seen by Dr. Usha Jain M.D. who is an expert in emergency care. The dog bite was an abrasion and contusion of the tissues. The wound was cleaned and irrigated with normal saline and then dressed with the antibiotics dressing. The patient was also started on antibiotics as the mouth of the dog has lot of bacteria and has tendency to get infected. The patient responded well to the treatment.

Dog bite inuries

Dog Bite Walk in Urgent Care Orlando


20150114_175615DOG BITEWEB

Dog Bite Soft Tissue Injury




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