Reaction to the Vaccination Walk in Clinic Orlando

Reaction to injections (vaccination, antibiotics) can occur to any patient and it can be present differently in different patient. Also, the reaction and pattern of the reaction to the particular medicine in injection is beyond the control of the doctor. The reaction can happen from the medicine in the shot.

A 3o year old patient was seen in the Emergency clinic for the physical and was given the Tetanus shot and the patient claims that he got reaction from the shot in the form of rash and one lymph node in the chest.

Dr. Jain advised him to come and be looked at the center to make sure that the patient is fine. The patient also was advised to get the titer to prove that he is immune to measles, mumps and Rubella. The patient returned back to the clinic where he was found to have minor macular rash and small three 3 mm nodule in the left breast on the medial side at 7 o’clock position. Dr. Jain advised the patient that the reaction is not typical but anything can happen to anybody differently than it is written in the book. Dr. Jain also advised that if he gets any worse than he needs to be evaluated further. Patient agreed to do that. Dr. Jain drew the blood for the titer for measles mumps and Rubella on that day.

Dr. Jain gave the results to him on December 30, 2014. Patient was told that his immunity tests were normal and he does not need the shot for MMR. The patient told Dr. Jain that he is fine physically and rash and one lymph node is fine and everything is gone. Dr. Jain asked him again how the patient was doing and he responded everything is fine. Dr. Jain offered also to email to his job place to send the certificate of the immunity to expedite the matter to help the patient. The patient was happy to get the letter for his job and left.

The patient calls back again and said the rash is there and never went away. Dr. Jain asked him to be seen right away but he came 4 days later. On exam on 1/15/ 2015, the patient had three or four papular lesions which were in healing stage on his hand. Dr. Jain explained that the lesions are not typical of the reaction to the shot and other things need to be checked out like a staph infection. The patient and his mother got very upset and said the problem could only be from the reaction of the shot. Dr. Jain also said that the reaction of the shot, can happen to anybody and doctor would have never control of that. The patient wanted to visit another M.D. and wanted the records which were given to him.

The message is that whenever you feel there is a problem; one should have an open mind about the possibility of other problems and let the doctor do the differential diagnosis rather than stuck with one diagnosis because of the reading on the Google.

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