Fast Cure of Flu by Natural Remedies Intravenous Fluids & Relenza

Dr. Jain can do a fast cure of Flu. A 12 year old was diagnosed with Flu and Dr. Jain gave intravenous IV fluids and Relenza inhaler. Dr. Jain also treated the patient with IV vitamins which included Ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The combination of antiviral medicine and natural anti-inflammatory effects of vitamins works fast to cure flu.
Intravenous fluids hydrates the cells and vitamins in IV are anti-oxidant and helps in the recovery. Dr. Jain made the patient feel good in 12 hours. The patient actually walked around in Disney in 12 hours next morning. Flu test is not always positive and one should have high index of suspician for Flu. If there is no pneumonia then there is a good chance that the patient has flu. Relenza inhaler is very effective for Flu.


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