Negative Flu Test Flu Treatment Walk in Clinic Orlando

Dr Usha Jain is an expert in Emergency Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Jain has seen many patient this flu season and wants to share an experience with you.
Dr. Jain saw a patient with very high fever of 103 and felt dizzy and listless.
Dr. Jain ordered the x-ray which was normal and also ordered the flu test wihich was negative. The patient symptoms points toward flu so Dr. Jain decided to give Relenza inhaler for the Flu. The patient was started on IV therapy and antibiotics were given. The patient felt better after IV fluids. The patient was sent home after two and half hours and did very well. Next morning, the patient felt better and went to Disney. The patient was very happy and Dr. Jain felt very excited that patient got better in almost 12 hours. This patient also had a flu shot in November and had influenza B last week. If the flu test comes out negative then the serious diseases like pneumonia should be excluded. The patient can have flu despite the shot and also flu test can be negative despite hte patient having flu. Take home message is to treat the patient even if the flu test is negative. Dr. Jain operates a walk in medical center and patient can be seen on walk in basis and no appointment is needed.

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