Flu Tests High Fever Cough Pneumonia Walk in Medical Clinic Orlando

Flu test is the test by which the diagnosis of Flu or Influenza can be made. Dr. Jain is the director of our clinic and is expert in diagnosing and treating illnesses.

Dr. Jain saw a patient who was 17 years old who came to the clinic with high fever, bodyache and cough. The patient went to school that day but he progressively got worse and was seen by Dr. Jain in the medical clinic in the evening. Dr. Jain ordered the blood tests, chest Xray and flu test.

The blood tests showed the white count of 4.5, Chest x ray was negative for pneumonia. The flu test came oout positive. The patient was given IV fluid and also was treated with Relenza, flu medicine.

The patient responded well to the treatment and got better in less than 24 hour and was able to return to work in 24 hours

Flu test result    POSITIVE















Negative Flu test is shown in the card below






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