High Fever Dehydration IV Fluids Walk in Clinic Dr. Jain Orlando

Dr. Jain is a board certified in emergency medicine and is a director of the Emergi-Care walk in medical center at 4800 South Apopka-Vineland Rd Orlando Florida. Our contact number is 407 876-5555

Dr. Usha Jain saw the patient in her emergency clinic on March 11, 2017 on Saturday. The patient had high fever and did not feel good. When Dr. Jain went to see him, he felt weak and dizzy. Dr. Usha Jain immediately lay the patient down ane patient felt some better. Dr. Jain did the X-ray and started the IV fluids with IV antibiotics and vitamin C. The patient felt better and was given oral antibiotics.


Dr. Usha Jain treating the Patient with IV Fluids

Dr. Usha Jain treating the Patient with IV Fluids

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