Urgent Care/Walk in/Doctor’s Office Orlando-Boil/Pus Finger

Urgent care in Dr Phillips is staffed by a board certified physician. We have seen a 45 year old patient in our urgent care center with the complaints of swelling, redness and pain of her finger for one week. The patient thought that her infection was a boil in the beginning. The patient was seen by our doctor who diagnosed the infection to be more than a boil. The  patient’s  finger was swollen at the tip and was very painful. Dr. Jain examined her and felt the infection was serious as there was generalized swelling of the tip of the finger and pus was collected in the tissues of the finger. The patient had x-rays done to make sure the infection was not  in the bone. The patient also had blood drawn and antibiotic shot was given. The patient had incision done and drained all the pus. The patient had large amount of pus in the small enclosed space. The patient felt much better after the pus was drained.

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