Hemorrhoid/Lump in Rectal area-Urgent Care-No Appointment

We have seen a patient in our Emergi-Care Medical Center in Orlando and Windermere area. The patient had lump in the rectum which was bleeding on and off for several months. The patient didn’t have any other problems. Dr. Jain examined him and diagnosed to have external hemorrhoid and recommended treatment consisting of increasing fiber intake, oral fluids to maintain hydration, NSAID analgesics sitz baths and rest.

An external hemorrhoid develops under the skin surrounding the anal orifice, therefore even a single swollen blood vessel can be intensely painful and distressing. External hemorrhoids are usually easier to treat with topical creams and ointments, sitz baths and ice cubes. Pharmaceutical ointments, such as the ones developed by preparation H or Tucks are another good alternative, as most of them contain vaso-constrictors.  Their use is also excellent method of obtaining rapid relief from itching and pain due to their mild anesthetic effect. So if you opt for this treatment for external hemorrhoids, look for ointments and gels containing ephedrine sulfate or epinephrine.

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