Vitamins/Antioxidant Score/Anti-Aging/Walk in Clinic/Orlando

We have seen a patient in our Walk in medical center for follow up and refill of medicine for hypertension. The patient also had an antioxidant scan done to check the antioxidant level in the body which was very low. The anti-oxidant are the one which neutralizes the free radicals. Dr. Jain is one of the best doctor in Orlando who treats the sicknesses and takes care of preventive aspects of the health with nutrition and hormone treatment. ANTIOXIDANT SCORE is important information to see if your nutrition is good and if the vitamins are being absorbed. The patient was taking vitamins bought in the store but her  score was  low about 16,000 possibly because of lower absorption. The patient was given the vitamins with the nano technology for better absorption.

The patient came for follow up in 4 weeks and her antioxidant level was 28, thousand in 4 weeks of taking vitamins with nano technology. The patient also reported that she feels better.

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