Bug in the Ear Doctor’s Office Walk in Clinic Orlado Gotha

Doctor Usha Jain is board certified in emergency medicine and an expert in emergency care. This is a an example of what happenned in our clinic where you can walk in clinic with no appointment and can see the board certified doctor with very affordable fee.

A patient 18 year old walked in the office with the complaints that she feels something is moving in the ear in certain position of the head. Dr. Usha Jain was examined the patient and felt that there is a bug in the ear though the outline of the bug was not clear. Dr. Jain immediately irrigated the ear gently and the silver fish came out of the ear which was alive. Patient felt an immediate relief and was very happy because everybody at her home thought that the patient was stressed that is the reason she is feeling a movement in the ear. Father told the patient to relax but the patient insisted to see Dr. Jain. Doctor’s office on Sunday is open at 12 pm and she was seen and the patient had relief in 5 minutes. Do not tell your kids who are in college that they are stressed when there is medical problem.



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