Pain in the Ear TM Joint Pain Doctor in Weekend Orlando 32819

We can do immediate medical treatment of ear pain at our urgent care medical center and the doctor is available in the weekend also.

We have seen a patient 35 year old o presented with the complaints of pain in the ear which is not responding to the treatment given by her doctor which included two different antibiotics- Z-pak and cefdinir. The patient is also taking probiotics. Dr. Jain examined the patient and did not see any redness of the ear drum or the ear canal. After checking the patient Dr. Jain concluded that the patient has TM joint pain and tenderness and hurts to open the mouth at the TM joint. The patient had blood drawn to check for anything unusual and was given the injection of the anti-inflammatory. The patient was also advised to eat soft food and to avoid chewing on the hard food. The patient was given anti-inflammatory to take orally along with some natural lycopene to boost the immune system.


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