Fatigue-Low Testosterone-Young Patient Urgent Care Orlando

A 23 year old patient was seen in our Urgent Care Walk in Clinic in Dr. Phillips area for the tiredness. The patient has been seen by another MD and had blood drawn for lab work including thyroid tests which were normal. The patient came to our Walk in medical clinic for further evaluation. Dr. Jain examined the patient and ordered total and free testosterone. The testosterone blood results showed lower levels. The patient’s low testosterone was the result of low functioning pituitary gland from the  head injury in the past.  The patient had blood tests for FSH and LH (pituitary hormones) which were low in this patient.

The patient was treated with HCG injection to stimulate his own production of teatosterone. The problem in this patient was low FSH and LH which is a hormone from the pituitary gland. Head injury in childhood caused low FSH and LH which resulted in low testosterone. FSH and LH, hormone from pituitary stimulates the testis to produce testosterone. The patient responded well to the treatment and started feeling better after 2 weeks.

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