Herpes Simplex-Blisters-Urgent Care Orlando

Dr. Usha Jain has seen a 55 year old patient who thought she has an abscess of the left buttock.  The patient had blisters, redness and swelling of the buttock for which she was seen by her primary care doctor. The patient was referred to the clinic to get an abscess drained. Dr. Jain examined the patient and determined that she didn’t have an abscess. She had blisters and redness and not an abscess. The patient had culture for Herpes virus and blood drawn. The patient was given Zovirax tablets and zovirax ointment.

The patient returned for follow up in two days and her redness is gone and her blisters dried up. Her herpes culture was positive.  If  the patient had drainage done then the infection would have spread further and would have been dangerous.

Proper diagnosis is very important for the right treatment.

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