Immigration USCIS Exams by Dr. Usha Jain Orlando

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical director of the Emergi-Care Medical Center in Orlando.

Dr. Usha Jain is an approved civil surgeon to perform the immigration medical exam for USCIS which involves a physical exam, blood draw, vaccinations, and urine test. The papers are given in a sealed envelope for the immigration office in three days. This is a simple process and there is no need for anxiety.

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4 Responses to Immigration USCIS Exams by Dr. Usha Jain Orlando

  1. Soukaina Polston says:

    It was my first time at doctor Usha Jain and she was awesome!!! My husband whose grandfather was a former journalist in the 80s wrote one of the first articles about Dr. Usha Jain, suggested to call for a visit! She does a very good job, especially with needles and blood tests!!

    • ushajain says:

      Thank you Soukaina for your kind and appreciative words about Dr. Jain’s medical care. Yes, that was the first article of Dr. Jain being in the community and he did a great job. Thank you for your honor for the doctor again.

  2. Katia says:

    Good day!

    I would like to know the cost to perform the necessary medical examination for immigration purposes, EB-2-NIW visa. There will be 2 adults, a teenager and 2 children.

    Thank you!

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