Low Testosterone-Low T-Obesity Walk in Clinic-Orlando

Dr. Usha Jain is an anti-aging  physician expert in treating the testosterone deficiency. Many people are low in testosterone but they are not aware of it. The reason is testosterone is always thought to be linked with sexual dysfunction only. People believe that testosterone deficiency is only there if one has sexual issues. On the contrary low T can be the reason for your tiredness, sleepiness and depression.  Secondly people think that testosterone deficiency is there only in the old age but on the contrary young people can also have testosterone deficiency. Obesity can cause low testosterone because it stimulates the pathway for conversion of testosterone in to female hormone (estrogen) and that causes low testosterone and large breasts as a result of  large amount of estrogen.

If you are overweight and experiencing tiredness and also have enlarged breast consult our anti-aging physician Dr. Usha Jain at 407 876-5555.

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