Lump/Fibrocystic Breast/Walk in Clinic/Orlando 32836,32821

A 30 year patient was seen in the urgent care clinic with the complaint of the lump in the left breast for last 2 days. The lump is about one inch in diameter and is painful. The patient was on period at the time of the . The patient had no history of cancer in the family. Dr. Jain examined the patient and ordered blood tests, CBC, comprehensive panel and TSH.

Ultrasound and MGM was ordered and showed fibrocystic disease. This happens nbecause of the blocked duct which collects the fluid and the scar around it causes fibrosis.

The patient can have fibrocystic disease from estrogen dominence and progesterone deficiency and also from iodine deficiency. Vitamin E and A also helps in the fibrocystic disease.



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