Natural Flu Treatment & Medicinal Dr. Jain Walk In Clinic

Diagnosis is by Flu nasal swab test and once the flu is diagnosed how it should be teated.

The flu is cuased by the influenza virus and can be killed by antiviral medicine and not antibiotics. Also it is important to note the fact that natural treatment can help to support the immune system but would not be able to kill the virus

Natural Treatment to boost immune system

Fluids as body loses fluids from fever

vitamin C, Ginger and tumeric root or powder.

Sleep is very important and melatonin can be taken which also helps the growth hormone.

Rest and less stress to the body

Soups and light diet to give the rest to your digestive system

Medicinal treatment

Relenza inhaler which helps in killing the flu virus.

Tamiflu also kills the bacteria but can cause nausea.

IV fluids for hydration.

Cough medicine and decongestant can be taken with the flu medicine

Tylenol can be taken for the fever and bodyache.




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