Treatment of Flu I V Hydration Walk in Clinic Orlando 32819

How do you treat Flu? Dr. Jain treated the patient recently who came in with the complaints of high fever, chills, headache, bodyache, sweating and felt dizzy from weakness.

The patient was treated with IV fluids, Relenza, tessalon perles for cough and actifed for congestion.

  1. There is a specific ANTIVIRAL treatment for Flu. Antibiotics do not help flu
  2. Relenza inhaler works fast for the Flu
  3. Tamiflu is an oral tablet for the Flu and is taken twice a day
  4. IV fluids for hydration because the patient gets dahydrated from high fever
  5. Rest and fluids and the patient can take any cough medicine and also decongestant
  6. Flu is very contagious and precautions should be taken to prevent spreading Flu.
  7. Natural treatment of flu by taking ginger tea, tumeric and vitamin C


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