Swimmer’s Ear, External Otitis Urgent Care Orlando 34786

swimmer's ear, pain in the ear, swelling of the ear, redness of the ear

Dr. Jain treats External Otitis

A 44 year old patient was seen in the emergency walk in clinic in Orlando with the complaints of the pain, swelling in the ear for several days. The patient was diagnosed with swimmer’s ear which is an external ear infection. The swelling fo the ear was all the way to the outside of the ear and external canal was almost swollen shut. Dr. Jain examined the patient and did a blood draw which revealed that the patient had diabetes and his infection is severe because of the high sugar in the blood. The patient was daignosed with the severe swimmer’s ear and was treated with the injection and oral antibiotics. The patient was also treated for the diabetes. The baceria multiplies because of the high sugar more rapidly. Treatment of both the conditions gave the great results.



emergency walk in clinic,pain, swelling in the ear,swimmer’s ear,external ear infection, blood draw,diabetes,high sugar in the blood,swimmer’s ear,oral antibiotics,diabetes,baceria multiplies because of the high sugar more rapidly,

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