Urgent Care Orlando Foot Infection-Cellulitis-Bone Infection

Urgent Care of Orlando is staffed by board certified doctor in emergency medicine.

We have seen a 78 year old lady with complaints of redness and swelling of the foot. The patient thinks that she got bit by an insect and she thought it was an infection from insect bite. The patient had blood tests and was given the antibiotic shot. The patient was advised to have injection every day and also to take oral antibiotics. The patient responded well for the first 2 days but was not improving after that.  Dr. Jain ordered an x-ray of the foot which revealed an infection in the bone. The patient was admitted in the hospital for  and IV antibiotics. The patient responded well and was sent home from the hospital in 7 days followed by an antibiotic treatment at home for several weeks.  The patient had an infection of the bone (osteomyelitis) which needs large dose of the stronger antibiotics for long course.

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