Weight Loss Urgent Care Walk in Clinic Orlando 32819, 32836

Dr. Jain is board certified and uses the weight loss strategies which help in the life style changes so patient can reduce the weight and maintain it as well. Dr. Jain is an anti-aging expert and helps patient by using nutrition,vitamin and hormone balance. Nutrition is by medifast meals which gives you the set calories and if you follow the program than definitely can loose weight.

We have several patient on the program and they have been loosing the weight successfully. Our patient has lost 40 pounds in last 3 weeks and many of the patients doing the same thing. Dr. Jain monitors the patient and also follows with the blood tests.  Our doctor is an advocate of  improving the health by life style changes and treating the diseases with natural means. Our support group meets once a month. If you want to improve your health and come of the medicines then you can come for a consult with Dr. Jain.

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