Scratch-Abrasion, Foreign Body of Eye Urgent Care Orlando

We have seen in our Urgent Care of Orlando a patient 45 year old with foreign body in the eye while working. The patient washed an eye with normal saline and felt better but still felt that something was there in his eye. The patient was seen by Dr. Usha Jain  and the patient didn’t have foreign body. The patient had  fluoroscein dye in an eye to check for abrasion of the cornea and the patient was found to have small 3 x 2 mm abrasion of cornea. The antibiotic eye drops were instilled in to an eye and the patient was given an eye patch so abrasion can heal. The patient was given the instruction to follow up next day. The patient did well and her abrasion was healed.

Corneal abrasion are very painful. Rest to an eye by applying a patch patch should be given for the early healing.

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