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Dr. Jain is a board certified Anti-Aging physician and you can walk in with No Appointment.

We have seen a patient in Orlando Urgent Care who has been feeling tired and didn’t have any other complaints. Dr. Jain ordered blood tests and also did a nutrition scan to check the Anti-Oxidant level in the body by Biophotonic scanner.  The patient’s level was very low which was dangerous to his health. The patient was given package of vitamin with the new Nano technology which helps in the absorption of vitamins. The patient was given an appointment to come back to his score on the scanner again in a month.

On follow up after a month, the patient score has gone up because the high potency vitamins with Nano technology.

Anti-Oxidant is a defense mechanism of the body and neutralizes the free radicals which are harmful to body. It is important to have high level of the Anti-Oxidant in the body to prevent diseases. Anti-Oxidant level goes up when nutrition is good along with good vitamins.

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