Walk in Clinic Orlando-Vitamin D/Anti-Aging

Dr. Usha Jain is an Anti-Aging expert in our Walk in Clinic in Orlando and Windermere. We have seen a patient who has been coming to the medical center for long time. This time the patient complained of shortness of breath for last 3 months going upstairs. The patient had been healthy otherwise. Dr. Jain ordered blood tests, x-ray and EKG which were normal. Next visit the patient had a blood tests for vitamin D which turned out to be low. The patient was given vitmain D.

The patient returned for follow up and reported that her shortness of breath is almost gone. Vitamin D is very important for the well being of the body and should be replaced if it is low. Simple and natural means to keep your body is very important and can prevent and also cure lot of problems by keeping the cells healthy.

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