Allergic Reaction-Hives-Insect Bite Urgent Care Orlando

Urgent Care of Orlando in Dr. Phillips area treats allergic and anaphylactic reaction. Dr. Usha Jain is board certified in Emergency Medicine.

We have seen a patient 45 year old male with the complaints of itching all over the body,rash and raised areas of the skin (hives) of the arms and entire body. The patient thought he might have been stung by an insect. The patient was seen by Dr. Jain and diagnosed to hives and rash from an allergic reaction. The patient was immediately treated and was given adrenalin, benadryl and dexamethasone injection. The patient stopped itching in 10 minutes after an Adrenalin injection. The patient started to feel better and hives started to go away in about 30 minutes. The patient was observed to about 60 minutes and did very well. The patient was given hydroxyzine and prednisone to take orally at home.

Timely treatment of allergic reaction can save a patient’s life as was in this case.

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